Six-week Workshop on Aboriginal Craft Making

Sandra Racine

Sandra Racine, Mi'kmaq artistSandra Racine is a Mi’kmaq artist from Elsipogtog who is teaching basketry and petal work using black ash.

She has always been interested in crafts and drawing, but always admired basketry, bead work and quills. She has graduated from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in the Aboriginal Visual Arts Program in 2014. After completing the AVA program a deeper understanding of the process was achieved and different perspective was gained. Her main focus is on ash basketry using natural materials and traditional techniques.

Sandra plans to open a Woven Dreams Basketry shop in Nova Scotia. She also plans to teach several Aboriginal crafts through a series of workshops, while continuing to learn new skills and methods herself. She continues to work in on variety of crafts such as dyed quills, birch bark, carving, beading and painting, at the same time she is expanding her lines of work into more functional basketry such as fishing creels, laundry baskets and hampers. She wishes to further the knowledge of the history of traditional crafts throughout the Atlantic Provinces and Maine, through teaching art Aboriginal communities. She has produced several examples of work from other tribes such as the Mailseet (headdress) and Passamaquoddy (berry basket) and hopes to gain more information on all of the tribes of the Wabenaki or Northeastern peoples.

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Tara Francis

Tara Francis, Mi'kmaq artistTara Francis is a Mi’kmaq artist from Elsipogtog who is teaching bead work, quill work, leather work, key chain & dream catchers, and concentrated craft work.

She specializes in Mi’kmaq porcupine quill work and silk paintings, inspired by the history and traditions of the Mi’kmaq people, as well as her own Spiritualality and connection to mother earth.

She has been working the arts for 12 years, teaching her craft at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, as well as in several workshops throughout the Atlantic provinces.

Her work is spread over the world, to as far as Germany, Belgium, Hawaii and Mexico.  She has been awarded a Creation Grant from ArtsNB, for her exploration of the Mi’kmaq Petroglyphs.  She practices her craft in Fredericton NB, where she has an art studio from April to December.