The Buctouche MicMac Band Fisheries department is responsible for administering the Food, Social and Ceremonial component. This includes distributing lobster tags to BMMB members, responding to members’ questions and requests, planning and delivering community workshops and also attending all Food Social and Ceremonial fisheries related meetings throughout the province. Other duties relate to understanding and keeping Council and the community informed on issues related to Species at Risk, hunting rights and environmental concerns. For more information on the Commercial Fisheries, please see the Fisheries Coordinator.

Food, Social & Ceremonial Fishery

Currently we are under the Buctouche Band Aboriginal Communal Licence with the following species of fish that the Band members can fish: Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout, eels, Mackerel, Clams, Oysters, and Striped Bass

Communal Commercial Licences

BMMB has commercial licences for Snow Crab and Rock Crab.
We are currently in talks with DFO and a local business to expand the Commercial Fishery to include Lobster and Clams.
We are also in the process of obtaining 2 more boats for the Fall fishery.

Fisheries Coordinator

Please contact the Fisheries Coordinator for Catch amounts and Open season dates.

Brent LeBlanc
(506) 743-2520

Our Fishing Vessels

Images coming soon.

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